Can I ride STP without a bib??

My names Anthony, I've always wanted to ride the STP.  I was late in getting a bib last year too ;(.. this event fills up so quickly!!  I really want to show up and ride the STP anyways.  Is this OK?

Well, there are plenty of rides to do each weekend that are free listed on the cascade free rides calendar and event rides like the stp where you can still sign up for.

The roads are public so no one can stop you from riding but it would be considered uncool to stop and use the things (port o johns, food, mechanics) that are there for the people who paid all that money to use.

If you really want to ride the stp, it will mean you need to remember next January to register because it sells out quickly.

A friend of mine just recently moved to US and wants t o join for STP. She is okay with not making use of any of the STP facilities. Is it okay to do so ? She is even fine with paying to get a pass, but looks like fresh ones are not being issued and transfers aren't allowed. 

Are there some checkpoints where this is enforced ? If someone from the STP team can allow an exception for transfer please let me know. Appreciate your help and look forward to the ride!!

Train well folks!