Planters along I-90 for shrubs.

As most who use it often know, when riding east between the tunnel and Mercer Island on a rainy day not only are you going against traffic so get a headwind, it's full of spray.

Then, when it's dry it can be a gust of sand in the face, so, a thought was hanging planters on the roadway side of the wall near the top for shrubs to grow as a wind & spray barrier and they will also work to cut down on the glare from headlights after dark.

So this post was to see how many other riders think it's a good idea, won't cost much, won't be hard to maintain and should work well to make the commute less of an epic on certain days and during morning rush hour all the time.

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I suspect standard highway glare barriers (those flat plastic blades that stick up from the top of a jersey barrier) would be safer -- with highway speed traffic, plants get blown out of planters pretty easily, we'd be facing a debris storm when large trucks passed.

This will get more important when an extra lane is squeezed onto the bridge, reducing the shoulder width between the I-90 Trail and the traffic lanes of the freeway.