Sigma ROX 10.0 vs Garmin Edge 510


Looking to buy either of these two?  The Garmin Edge 510 being $100 more is swaying me towards the Sigma ROX 10.0.  Any input as to why go with one instead of the other, will be appreciated.  I currently have a sigma 1609 and have had no issues with it, but I am looking to move up into a GPS unit.  Thank you.

I'll most likely get a Edge 510 myself. The Rox has only a 1.7" Dot Matrix Screen. While the Edge 510 has a 1.7" x 1.4" 220 Pixel Touch Screen. Read DC Rainmker's review if it. More info than you thought possible.


The choice is clear. Well,at least for me it is.

If you are looking for training data or a route tracker/pointer, then that sigma is sweet and sigma has been around for 20 years and is a reliable company.  But, I have a garmin and while it's cool, the data on speed isn't as "quick" (for a lack of better terms) than the wireless computer I was (and am again) using.  It was cool to have the data after and perhaps my downfall was not using the data towards an end.  It seems like the most valuable info I look for is distance of the last ride, average speed, and knowing my speed on flats and climbs which I can get from the most basic computers.

My two cents...

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i understand that the garmin is best for taking you across a gravel forest service road during a snowstorm when really all you want to do is to stay on a paved road.

Thank you for the info.  I have read dc rainmakers review and others as well....I think it does more that what I need....I do like the live tracking function, but it is more cool than anything else.  I M waiting for dc rainmakers review on the sigma rox 10.0, but don't think he has done one yet.

Did you finally get your bike at rei? I read your post....just curious about how it ended,


I will have it soon. Someone from REI, or someone told REI about my post. They got ahold of me and said the bike is availible for order. And will be here at the end of the month.

I ended up buying the Sigma ROX 10.0....I will try it this Sunday on a ride around Lake Washington....

Thank you for your feedback!