SKS RaceBlade Fenders can cause Accidents


This is a word of warning to my cycle friends.

I read a post on one of the Cascade "Meetup" sites about how Raceblade fenders can come loose from their brackets so I have been careful when attaching them to my bike to listen for the "click" and then give a tug to assure they are on.  Such was the case on Sunday April 6th when I took off on a solo ride around part of Lake Washington.  Heading west accross the I-90 bridge first span to Mercer Island, I went over the expansion joint about mid span and my front Raceblade came loose at the fork mount and jammed my front tire by getting caught between the fork and the tire.  Needless to say, my front tire skidded briefly before the back tire lifted off the pavement and both bike and myself went over the top.  I have about $250 damage to my bike, a small price to pay, and I was fortunate to only sustain bruising and road rash and a cracked helmut.

Please be very careful if you own a set of Raceblades and took deliver before June of 2012, they have been recalled.  Items # 11013, 11014, 11032 and 11070