Recommendations for a bike with disk brakes and rack mounting


I am looking for recommendations for a ladies commuter bike that has disk brakes and can support a rack for saddle bags.  i have a Kona Sutra and am pretty happy with that.  The bike is a little heavy though, but on the other hand the frame is covered for life.  

The Raleigh Sojourn looks like a pretty good bike.  We are looking in the $500 to $1600 range.



My very first bike was Trek FX 7.2 with disc brakes. It is on the heavy side, but I really enjoyed riding it on my occasional commute to work (about 30 miles each way) many years ago. It has a 3-speed chainring, so if you need it, you have a granny gear to use. I still have it, although I don't ride it anymore, just because it is my first love. :-) I only rode this bike for one season, because I found that a road bike (with skinny tire 700X23) worked just fine for that purpose as well for me. I have a rack mounted (topeak for disc brake system, can be found at rei) and it is solid as well. Again you won't be able to ride a century with it, but it is solid and great for commute. Here are the links you can check out! Myung (the bike)|bike-racks-and-storage%3Bb (racks)

Specialized has a chromoly commuter/touring bike called the AWOL.  In your price range.

My wife got a Navarra Zealo.  It was on sale for $800.  I think she will be pretty happy with that.  She is getting a little emotional though about abondaning "Scooby", her 1980 trek 412.