2008 Jamis Coda Sport 19.5' frame

I have not modified the bike (except new tires) so all these specs still apply – silver/blue color:


It has brand-new Vittoria Rubino Pro Tech 700X28 tires (off of my new bike) and new brake-pads. Also included: Planet Bike fenders,Planet Bike headlight

bottle cage,bar-ends (which a friend calls 'x-wing bars' ;), 'cage-style' pedals w/straps.

The bikes only 'flaw' is a bent tooth on the rear-cassette, excluding the use of the last two, smallest cogs/gears. Unless you're looking to go as fast as possible, you won't notice the defect as the drive-train was adjusted to bypass. A new cassette is $25-35 dollars and a bike-shop would charge about 10-20 bucks to install. I haven't changed it myself because my riding-style precludes me from needing the two 'fastest cogs'... But, all the 'hill-gears' are still there ;).

Other than that, and a few little scratches/scrapes, it's in great shape! It's been a great bike - very sturdy, with the steel frame inspiring riding-confidence, and the 'flat-handle-bar' set-up is perfect for commuting!

Asking $300 firm.

Inquiries to:


Thanks for looking!