Your Expertise on Leather Saddle


Okay after a few years on regular saddles, I learned about this new (to me anyway) saddle made out of leather. Who knew.

Anyway, I would like to learn more about it. At the Expo, there were a couple vendors I remember, but didn't take time to talk. I know there are many global manufacturers, but it is hard to find local ones on internet. If you would like to share your experiences and thoughts with me for what I need to look for, what's important, does price matters (expensive vs usual), and most importantly are they truely better than other materials. I know it has major issue with rain/water, and need to be kept dry to function properly under the butt for a long time. Other than that, what can you think of for why I shouldn't get a leather saddle?

Thanks! Myung Hong

Thanks Jeff, good read there. I used to refer to his blog sites a lot.

Do you ride on leather saddle? If so, what brand is your favorite.

I was hoping to find a local brand (or even US brand). All I am reading is Brooks, Selle Anatomica, and Cardiff Cornwall on the internet. Is any one of these a good point for the beginner to try anyway? I don't do any 'race.' Mostly just occasional century (STP, RSVP, Flying Wheels, and so forth), so I won't ride much more than 1,500 or 2,000 miles at the most in a year.

I live in the Seattle/Tukwila area, if you have your favorite 'local' place to check out this 'leather' saddles, please share with me. Thanks again.


I was always a regular off the shelf modern saddle guy. I bought the Brookes imperial b17 in july three years ago. I had a 6 day tour through mountains in four weeks and planned to put it on after. the guy at the store, a good friend, said, just put it on now. I did and rode the tour with zero problems. the cut away makes for a very compfy ride right out of the box. I know it sounds odd but it is true. this is the most compfy saddle ever. No extended break in time like there is for the B17. I love the saddle

fyi. to a man, those friends who have bought and used the anatomica loved it at first because of how compfy it is but are unsatisfied with how much the edges splay out over time. one friend took to taping it down with packing tape so the edges don't chaife his thighs. the Brooks imperial also has the potential to splay out but the leather is a bit thicker so it is less likely to splay and also, it comes with pre drilled holes and twine so that if you need to tie it back to stop the splaying, you can do so without having to drill your own holes.  Imperial b17 is a great saddle.



Matt, Thanks for sharing your own experience with Brooks. Although I prefer local product, it sounds like Brooks is the best available on the market for now. I will put it on my list! Myung

I tried out a Selle Anatomica as a loaner saddle on RAW a few years ago after experiencing saddle sores (and worse) on BTC. Bought one online and I have never been happier. I keep it on my #1 ride which is not used in the winter or early spring. Thinking about getting another for my rainbike. It is great, takes no time to break ine and is much less expensive than the Brooks but probably won't last as long.  I saw another local brand being pushed at Bike Expo,  Rivet ....??It looked good too.Very happy with my Selle Anatomica.


Thanks for sharing your experience with Selle Anatomica. It looks to me that the both brands, Brooks and Selle Anatomica, are good enough for all. I found the prices are more than reasonable for both when you compare them to the 'usual' non-leather saddles, so I am not so much concerned about that. Oh yes, thanks for the name of that 'Rivet'! At that time at the Expo, I wasn't interested in any leather saddle. But for some reason my first ride after the Expo, my butt was hurting for no reason even though I have been using it for years, and the idea of 'leather' came to my mind. Again thanks for your input! Myung

If you are interested in that company, I'm sure you could get the name of the company through CBC concerning  the vendors list at Bike Expo.


I did look up Rivet, and it was an interesting story behind of the company. Debra is the founder and owner of that. She was involved in Selle Anatomica business working along with her lover. When he died untimely, she ventured out on her own with Rivet. From what I can see, her products line is very similar to Brooks: saddles, bags, bar tapes etc... I found this article and I am quoting directly from there:

"While Rivet saddles are fairly new to the scene, Deb's experience in the industry goes back to her time at Selle Anatomica. In her own words: 

Tom Milton, the founder of Selle An-Atomica was my sweetie and after his untimely death, I ran SAA for a year while his estate was being settled. His family took over the company and I ventured out on my own to form Rivet Cycle Works."

Here is the full article link:

After comparing all mentioned brands, I made my mind up to go with Brooks. I am venturous but not with my saddle where my butt sits on. Originally I ruled out Brooks because of their saddle width (170mm wide!). My sit bone is narrow (barely over 100mm). My regular plastic saddle I like the most is 155mm, and it is still my favorite. Then I found B17 Narrow Imperial! And the price was right too. I can't wait to receive it next week.

If Brooks doesn't work out, I may give Rivet a try, but I hope Brooks would do for me.

Thanks guys for sharing your tips and your experiences. Myung