You know what would be great?

so, one (if not the only) reason i go to the expo is to find out about all the ride events happening locally or within our state. I often discover rides i had never heard of.

It woud be great if there was a web page we could go to that lists all the event rides available this season. is there one?

The bicycle paper does a race guide and a touring guide that lists all the rides.  You can find a link in the upper right corner of their website and I believe they give out copies at the expo.

As 'jcjob' mentioned above, yes they had a printed brochure called 'NW Tour Guide at the Expo. Very nice hard copy about 80 pages long. Also as 'jcjob' mentioned, it is also available on their website. Much more (since it can be updated daily if needed) events are listed there. The webpage is '' for everything, or just a NW events (at As usual there is not enough weekends for all the events you want to go to... :-)