Skipping a CTS ride?

I'm a relatively new rider looking at joining CTS as prep for STP.  I would have to miss at least one of the rides for a friend's out-of-state wedding.  Is this something that might be permissible, or is this a no-no?

There's no problem with missing a ride, other than losing out on the fun! Don't forget as you prep for STP you will need to ride more than just the CTS events to get ready--at least one or two extra rides a week.

Submitted by Jeffrey Job on

Jeff...  you may be wrong there.  I heard Leo ropes people to the back of his bike (without them being on their bike) and drags them thru the backroads of Kitsap County when they miss a CTS ride.  

Funny..  he seems like such a nice guy to.  :)

Submitted by Jim Werner on

just remember that probably half the riders do not belong to cascade nor do the cts series.  some how they get their training in.  in case you didn't know we all do our training at night away from the prying eyes of leo.