Pre purchasing a ticket for multiple people for the bike swap


I'm hoping this gets to the attention of a moderator...I was attempting to pay for a ticket for myself and a colleague and had a difficult time registering more than one person for mutltiple attendees for the event.  I was then able to purchase a ticket for myself only but now I'm not sure if I have actually purchased the ticket itself as I had no confirmation page/email to speak of.  Could someone please let me know if my purchase went through before I make the drive down from Vancouver BC to Seattle Washington?  It would be great to know I actually have a ticket to get in at 8am instead of 9am before I make the effort to get down there.

Your timely response is appreciated,

Christopher Paul

Ps.  I'm also new to the membership and am unsure how to ask questions of this nature.  Is what I have done the correct way to go about it?