Trail from Myrtle Edwards to Sodo

I am going to start commuting from North Seattle to Sodo.  I can go across the Locks and take the path through as far as Myrtle Edwards, but it looks like the trail(s) South of Myrtle Edwards  is broken up, diverted and closed in many places due to construction.  

Does anyone who travels that route have any advice, or maps of the best way to traverse that area?  Traffic is a bit loco and would like to minimize the amount of time spent on the roadway.  Thanks.

I ride from Ballard to Downtown and West Seattle often and I agree that the Downtown part of the trail from approximatly the Market Steps (Pike St,) to About King Street is tricky, however the trail is still there and most of the time SDOT and WSDOT try to keep the signage and trail open, so just follow the signs and be very aware and careful. You can legally ride your bike on the sidewalk in Seattle, so you can do that if you have to. Once you get down to University Street on the Waterfront Trail you can take a left over to Western Ave and ride to Yestler, take another left and then take a right on 1st Ave and ride 1st down to SODO.

I hope this helps. 

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If you ride on the sidewalk, you will need to treat driveways as either stop signs or yield signs for your survival.   Drivers of cars are not expecting bikes on the sidewalk.  They pull directly to the curb priopr to entering roadway, I can count on 1 hand the # of times I've ridden on a sidewalk in 25 + years of riding.
Be safe out there