"advisory" bike lane legal status?

Anyone know the legal/approval background for the "advisory bike lanes" illustrated by SDOT?

SDOT says:
"When you drive: To safely meet an oncoming motorist you are allowed to merge into the bike lane. However, you must first yield to bicyclists "

But what's the legal basis for that?  It's marked with a sharrow, which tells motorists that it's a shared lane that they're always allowed to drive in.

Whatever SDOT paints on the road, whatever experiments FHWA approves, the binding rules of the road come from legislation, RCW and SMC... where does code support these "advisory" bike lanes?  What tells motorists that they're not just supposed to use one of these lanes the way it's marked, as a shared travel lane?


   I can't speak to the legal basis for that, but I can take a fairly educated guess of the results of building it.

A damn good way to increase needless deaths does come to mind.
No one is going to take a head-on, they will swerve over and if some one is there on a bike, that person gets hit. It isn't that the motorist wants to hit the cyclist, no one will willingly drive into another, the driver just doesn't have time to check their blind spot to move over.

So, how would a educated cyclist ride such a place? That so-called sharrow is a death trap, that's right up there with door zone bike lanes. The safest way to ride it would to be to not use it.
That's the problem, I think all of us here would like to have safe infrastructure, that isn't safe. That entices the unknowing into a deadly situation and amplifies the belief that the streets are dangerous. Look at the lane position a new or timid cyclist would have to use, right in the gutter. That mindset of gutter riding will carry over to other streets, and that's a dangerous place to ride.
Everybody loses with that.

My other bitch would be again, that sharrow symbol- it needs LEGAL definition- and the far to right law needs to be rescinded in a sharrowed street.

gears to you....leo

SDOT temporarily installed ABL on 45th NW between 11th and Shilshole, in no time they realiuzed that they were not working and have since replaced them with a two way bicycle lane.