What happened to the forums?

The only two topics below this one appear to be random spam. What happened to all the older content? What is happening to Cascade? Why are so many long term employees being forced out? 

We recently built this brand new website and unfortunately, the old forums did not migrate over. So we're starting from scratch! Please continue to add your forum topics and questions to start the conversation. 

Yes, we've seen some changes here at the Cascade but only to create a stronger organization to better serve our existing membership while also reaching a wider, more diverse audience. We are taking a critical look at our programs and how we can improve them. As a result of some programmatic restructuring, some staff have switched internally, others have left the Club. 

Please contact me at [email protected] for more questions.

Submitted by John Bailo on

My old account (username, email) seems to have been deleted as well.

I had to resubscribe to post here.