Major Taylor Project Manager

Rich Brown

Wheels:  '65 Schwinn Cruiser,'71 Raleigh Super Course, Trek 5200 Carbon Race Bike, Trek 6000 custom rain bike, Custom Tall Bike (BMX bike stacked on a road bike)... just to name a few.

Commute: 13 miles from Georgetown

Favorite Seattle ride: What Rich calls the "Texas Loop," which is basically the perimeter of West Seattle up Alki Avenue to Beach Drive and up Fauntleroy. The route looks like the shape of Texas.

Rich is originally a native of Southern California but calls the Northwest his home. He learned how to ride a bicycle at age five and rode BMX competitively until age 16.

Rich's work experience began in the High Tech Industry during the mid 90's. His technical focus was web programming and development, and after 10 years he decided to take my knowledge of computers and give back to the community. Rich then began teaching technology at both the University and Community college levels. He also volunteered as a technical instructor at a local non-profit.

Following his teaching career, Rich decided to take some time off work to travel and play music (playing the trumpet and trombone) for about three years.

His passion for cycling was reignited when he began working at REI in 2012. Nowadays, it's hard for Rich to stay off the bike for more than a day or two.

Rich is currently an Outdoor School Instructor for REI teaching, bike maintenance, emergency preparedness, and wet weather commuting. As the Major Taylor Project Manager, Rich is excited for the opportunity to share his skills and talents within our community and beyond!