Limited Income Membership

Whether you are a student, senior, or just hit a bump in the road, join us.

Cascade's vision is Bicycling for All — and we mean all. We want everyone to be able to join Cascade as a member and access discounts to Cascade classes, events and rides. As one effort to keep Cascade inclusive, we now offer a reduced rate membership to anyone who self-identifies as being on a limited income.

For just $15 a year and you'll get all the great Cascade benefits of membership!

The Limited Income membership fee is $15 annually

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  • Do you have other ideas on how we can make our vision of Bicycling for All a reality? Help us become a more inclusive organization by emailing your suggestions to [email protected].
  • Questions? We're here to help! 206-522-3222, call us up to ask about Cascade membership.
  • Your tax-deductible membership dues make our work possible! Cascade Bicycle Club EIN: 91-2165219