Art Camps

Ever wonder how art and cycling intersect? During Cascade’s art-themed weeks campers will visit a variety of inspiring spaces including outdoor sculptures, gardens, and urban graffiti/mural walls. Campers will be invited to discover the ways in which art changes city landscapes into dynamic, engaging spaces. Experiment and play with a wide range of materials to explore bicycling through art. Find inspiration in old bike components, cycling themed art projects, and ways to use two wheels to create new masterpieces.

Check out the age ranges below for more details on each week’s activities and rides.


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July 9-13 -- ART Week @ Magnuson Park

Wheelie Fun ART
Designed for 6-7 year olds
Power Peddlers ART
Designed for 7-9 year olds
Gearheads ART
Designed for 10-12 year olds

July 16-20 -- ART Week @ Magnuson Park

Road Rangers ART
Designed for 13-14 year olds
Urban Riders ART
Designed for 14-15 year olds