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Bike to School Program

Seattle in May is a time of change. Spring is in full swing and with any luck the sun is out and shining. It's the perfect time of year to tune up your bike and get ready to ride--right into summer and beyond!

Cascade Bicycle Club hosts the Bike to School Month Challenge and Bike to School Day each May as part of Cascade's Bike Month festivities. Your elementary school can participate if you have a volunteer parent or teacher to organize the program at your site.

Bike to School Day is Wednesday, May 4, 2016! Join thousands of other riders across the country on Bike to School Day. 

How to get registered

Elementary school students sign up at their participating school for Bike to School Month.  Rather than competing against each other, students keep track of the number of bike commute minutes on a calendar.  These minutes are reported at the end of the month to earn prizes. Because every child may not be able to cycle to school regularly, trips on a bike to sports practice, music lessons, the library, etc., can be counted.  

Volunteer parent or teacher coordinators from the school handle student sign ups, publicize the event at the school, report totals and distribute prizes. Cascade provides the materials (see toolbox below), prizes and support. Coordinators should contact [email protected] to reserve your Bike to School kit and to get your school registered for Bike to School month.


The elementary schools with the highest total number of minutes biked during the month of May will be featured in an article in the Cascade Courier, receive the coveted Golden Pedal Award, and a school bike safety assembly.

Additional incentives — with a focus on keeping kids safe and active--will be awarded to students that participate at all levels of engagement in Bike to School Month.  Collect all 3!

  • Spokecard 1:  Earned by riding on Bike to School Day (Wednesday, May 4)
  • Spokecard 2:  Earned by riding up to 360 minutes in May
  • Spokecard 3:  Earned by riding more than 360 minutes in May (in addition to Spokecard 2)



You know your child and your route to school best, but in general, young children are not prepared to ride on the street alone. Most elementary school children ride with their parents or another adult. We envision participation in Bike-to-School Month as a family project, one that may also introduce adults to the fun of cycling with kids!


We encourage all riders to wear a bike helmet whenever you are out on your wheels.  Cascade can provide helmets at low cost if your community or school would like to purchase helmets for an event.

Bike to School toolbox

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