Volunteering FAQ

What are the benefits of volunteering? 

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and cultivate new skills. At Cascade, volunteers are a valuable part of our community and we show that with immense gratitude. We also host a volunteer appreciation party where we honor our exceptional volunteers. Dedicated volunteers who give 24 hours of their time in a one year period are eligible to register for Group Health STP or RSVP for free. If you volunteer for 4 hours, you are eligible to register for our one-day rides like Bike-n-Brews or Flying Wheels.

How can I get the opportunity to register for the Group Health Seattle to Portland or RSVP through volunteering? 

Dedicated volunteers are given a special chance to register for some of our sold out events. To get this opportunity, you must complete 24 hours of volunteering by one week prior to the event date. Please email [email protected] to register.
Please do not register for the STP or RSVP if you know you want to volunteer to get your registration. If you do pay for your registration and then volunteer 24 hours, you will only be refunded 75% of the cost, due to non-refundable fees. To register for any of our events using your volunteer hours, please email [email protected], or our volunteer coordinator. You will be sent a paper registration form and write “Volunteer” at the top and mail it to the Cascade Bicycle Club office.

Are there volunteer opportunities outside the Puget Sound Region? 

The majority of our volunteer opportunities are located within the Puget Sound Region; however we do have some events that take place outside of the region. If you are outside the Puget Sound Region and are interested in volunteering, please email [email protected].  

Can I transfer my volunteer hours to someone else for event registration? 

Sorry, volunteer hours are not transferable. 

Can my child volunteer?

Youth are able to volunteer with Cascade for age appropriate activities such as cheering on riders at the finish line or helping lead kids art activities. We ask that youth under the age of 16 years old are accompanied by a parent or guardian who can supervise tasks. 

Absence and lateness 

The positions that volunteers fill are critical to Cascade. If you fail to show up, others must take on the tasks you were expected to accomplish. If you are unable to attend a scheduled work day, or if you will arrive late, please contact your Volunteer Coordinator with as much notice as possible. 

Policy of using volunteer hours towards event registration

  • Generally, volunteer opportunities listed in CERVIS qualify for hours worked and can be applied toward an event volunteer registration.
  • Volunteer hours worked do not apply to a reduced registration on RAW or to any multi-day tour. 
  • Volunteer registrations may not be sold and/or transferred to another rider. 
  • Volunteer hours expire after 12 months, except for event support drivers or baggage truck drivers (those hours will be carried over for one year only).