GeaRS (Group Riding Skills)

Course Title:  GeaRS (Group Riding Skills)


Course Description:  Join us for our Group Riding Skills class and learn how to ride safely within a group.  The course covers basic riding techniques such as lane positioning, scanning to the rear and communication with other riders.


Learning Objectives:

  • Learn and practice specific bike handling techniques

  • Group riding etiquette and safety

  • Experience group riding through a guided ride with Cascade  instructors

Topics Covered:

• re-grouping

• passing on the left

•  passing through intersections as a group

• signals and communications

• spacing for down-hill travel and climbing

Duration:  2.5 hours (1 hours classroom time, 1.5  hours on bike)

How to prepare:  Bring your bike and helmet.  Dress for the weather.  We will be riding for part of the class.