Front Desk Operative

Dave Eggleston

Wheels: 2011 Bianchi Imola, 1979 Peugeot, 2006 Swift Folder

Commute: 19 miles from Redmond

Favorite ride: RSVP

Dave started to ride at age five when he and a friend took turns pushing each other down a hill on a battered Schwinn. He never stopped riding for fun, but it wasn't until 2000 that he started to commute regularly to work. Then in 2009, Dave rode his first STP. He's hooked and now rides Flying Wheels and RSVP annually.

Dave has lived all over the country and in Europe but thinks Seattle is the best all-around place to live and bike, even with the rain and hills. Before joining Cascade, Dave worked at Microsoft. He volunteered at the Cascade front desk for two years before joining the staff in 2014. He's excited to help members and non-members enjoy and improve biking in the Puget Sound region.