Welcome to our Community Forums! Here you'll find an online community focused on discussing bikes, gear, conditions, routes, safety, techniques, training or commuting. Find riding buddies. Have a conversation about bike politics. Get the scoop on upcoming Cascade events, and buy or sell from our classifieds.

Community Forums

Board of directors

Meet board candidates, find out about upcoming club elections and board meetings, club news related to bylaws.

Bike talk

Conversations about bike culture, gear, conditions, routes, safety, techniques and and all general cycling topics. This is also the place to find riding buddies. 

Government and policy

Discussions on the policies and politics of bicycle transportation, including bikes in the media. 

Bike commuting

This is the place to discuss commute routes and tips. If you're new commuting, this is a great place to get tips from seasoned commuters.

Cascade rides & events

Get the scoop on upcoming Cascade events, presentations, shows, rides and event training & preparation. 

Buy and sell transferred RAW and Tours registrations

This forum is for buying and selling transferred RAW and Tours registrations. 

Cycling classifieds

FS, WTB, job openings, event transfers. Bike-related only.