Expo Vendor Waiver

Seattle Bike Expo, March 1-2, 2014, Smith Cove, Pier 91

The show is limited to those that serve the cycling community with products and services. Cascade Bicycle Club reserves the right to determine eligibility of any person, company, or organization.

Exhibitors shall not assign, sublet, or apportion the whole or any part of their space without written permission from Cascade Bicycle Club. Exhibitors subletting or sharing booths without permission can be subject to replacement and an additional fee.

Non-exhibiting manufacturers or companies are not permitted to solicit business at the show exhibit halls or nearby city properties. Exhibitors may sell products from their booths, and are encouraged to have their local retail partners join them in their booths, provided they do not interfere with other exhibitors. Exhibitors are responsible for all applicable sales taxes.
The Cascade Bicycle Club covers a temporary Seattle business license for all vendors who do not already have one. Vendors making sales at the show will need to collect 9.5% sales tax on all retail sales. The City of Seattle will follow up with exhibitors after the event with tax information and instructions on how to pay. Please note that if you are an out of state business and are selling at the show or even just coming to display, the Washington State Department of Revenue may consider your presence as an attempt to establish or maintain a marketplace within the state of Washington. As such, you may be responsible for any taxes or licenses on any sales you make after the show to residents of Washington State.  
If an exhibitor cancels or reduces space before January 1, 2014, Cascade Bicycle Club will retain $300 for administrative expenses. All cancelations must be made in writing. If an exhibitor cancels or reduces space after January 1, 2014 no refund will be made. Cascade Bicycle Club reserves the right to assign any space not claimed and occupied two hours prior to show opening to another party without refunding payments.
Installation and Dismantling of Exhibits
Each exhibitor agrees to abide by the schedule for set-up and dismantling. Exhibitors are not permitted to set up during hours when the show is open to attendees, and no exhibitors shall be allowed to remove any part of their displays until the show officially closes. At the close of the show, exhibitors are required to complete dismantling and packaging at the exact time specified in the exhibitor kit. The Seattle Bicycle Expo is subject to rental fee increases by the venue. Late exhibitors will be subject to a fine, and exhibitors who leave excessive literature and/or display materials in their booth space or surrounding area at the end of the published move-out time will be deemed guilty of “Material Abandonment” and will be invoiced for labor to remove materials and disposal charges.
For the “Good of the Show”
Exhibitors will keep his or her exhibit open and staffed at all times during show hours. Exhibitors and all staff will conduct themselves in a professional manner. Exhibitor agrees that management may substitute the actual space assigned to exhibitor if necessary for the mutual benefit of all exhibitors. All pass-through marketing must be approved by Cascade Bicycle Club. No secondary sponsorships or advertising is permitted. Any secondary sponsorships and advertising will be removed from the show and can lead to the exhibitor being disallowed from exhibition at future expos.
Electricity Usage
Please note that to access electricity at the show you must order it from the venue using the forms that will be sent to exhibitors and listed on Cascade’s website in early January. Any attempts to utilize power outlets at the show without having purchased power from the venue will result in fines and late fees on top of the standard fee for ordering power. 
Wireless Internet Usage
Similarly, to access the wireless internet network at the show you must order it from the Cascade Bicycle Club in advance, or at the show subject to availability. Attempts to utilize the wireless network without officially registering for it slow it down for those who have, and will result in fines. Please also note that wireless internet is to be ordered “at your own risk”. We have had a number of problems with wireless in this venue, and while we continue to do our best to address them, Cascade Bicycle Club does not ultimately hold control over this service and is not liable for any interruptions in service that arise. If internet access is critical to your booth success please consider ordering wired internet from the venue, or contact Cascade to discuss booth locations where you will be able to access your mobile data plan.
Fire and Safety Laws and Rules
All federal, state and city laws must be strictly observed. A listing of material fire and safety regulations will be found on the event website by early January. All materials used for display of any kind must be flame proofed to meet the criteria set forth in NFPA 701.  This must be verifiable by an accompanying flame certificate. Included are all materials used in specially constructed exhibits such as fabric or other materials. The use of crepe paper and any decorative paper of any type are prohibited and will not be permitted. Displays must meet all the required fire regulations. Displays that do not pass inspection will be ordered closed until all fire hazards are corrected or removed. All booth equipment (i.e., tables, chairs, displays, etc.) must not protrude into aisles under any circumstance. Exhibitor may be prohibited from exhibiting for infringing these rules.
To the fullest extent permitted by law, you agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Cascade Bicycle Club and Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation, its respective members, employees, representatives, agents and board members from and against any and all claims, damages, losses and expenses, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees, arising out of or resulting from the negligent acts or omissions of Cascade Bicycle Club or its subcontractors, agents or employees in the performance of the work under this contract. In addition, you acknowledge that the owners of our exhibit space and its related facilities do not maintain insurance covering exhibitor’s property or liability for personal or property damage carried by exhibitor and that it is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to obtain insurance covering any such loss. Additionally, Cascade is not responsible for any shipping or freight errors by sub-contractors of the Expo. Cascade Bicycle Club does not hold control over external services and is thus not liable for any damages, delays, or conflict that may arise.
Literature, Fliers & Handouts
Brochures, fliers or handouts may only be distributed from your booth. Under no circumstances may vendors distribute materials on the show floor outside of the booth space.
Music, Video, Live Performance
No live or recorded music or videos containing music may be used/ played or performed without prior approval. Cascade Bicycle Club reserves the right to at any time during the show to turn down music if Cascade determines the sound interferes with the show.
Cancelation of Event
If Cascade Bicycle Club cancels the event due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control (such as acts of God, acts of war, governmental emergency, labor strike or unavailability of Facility), Cascade shall refund to exhibitors their booth fees previously paid, minus a share of costs and expenses incurred by Cascade. Cascade reserves the right to cancel or relocate the event or change the event dates. If Cascade relocates the event to another facility within the same city, or changes the event dates to dates that are not more than 30 days earlier or 30 days later, no refund will be due to exhibitors, but Cascade shall assign to exhibitors, in lieu of the original space, other space as Cascade deems appropriate and exhibitor agrees to use that space under the terms of this waiver. If Cascade elects to cancel the event other than for a reason previously described in this paragraph, Cascade shall refund to exhibitors registration fees in their entirety, but shall have no further obligations to exhibitors.  
For any questions regarding these terms, please call Anna Telensky at (206) 522-2403 or email [email protected]