Bike lockers

Bike parking at transit locations

Looking to securely park your bike at a transit station? You've come to the right place. 

Cascade handles King County Metro’s leased bike lockers at transit locations. We can set you up with an available locker and will collect and hold your key deposit. Vacancies vary by location and openings change often. Reservable lockers are most suited to people who want a guaranteed space at a specific location where they plan to park frequently, year-round, to catch transit. If you want more flexibility to shift locations and to pay as you go at a very low price, read about on-demand lockers

Steps to reserve a locker
  1. Read about locker locations and types of lockers throughout King County.
  2. If a reserved locker seems to meet your needs, notice which agency applies to your preferred location.
  3. For King County Metro locations, send an email to Cascade at [email protected] with your name, contact information, preferred location (name of the transit center/P&R) and a second choice if possible. We’ll get back to you with next steps.
  4. For Sound Transit locker or cage locations, please contact Sound Transit directly at 1-888-889-6368 or via email at [email protected]. Other local transit agencies have lockers as well, including Community Transit (Snohomish County), Pierce Transit (Pierce County) and Kitsap Transit (Kitsap County).
  5. If a locker is available, you will be sent instructions and an agreement to complete and return with your payment according to that agency’s terms.    
  6. If no locker is available currently, you can ask to be added to a wait list. 
On-demand lockers

For a locker right now and with more flexibility, you may like King County Metro’s on-demand lockers, available at a growing number of transit locations. They’re available first-come, first-served at a cost of five cents per hour with a BikeLink card