Executive Director

Elizabeth Kiker

Wheels: Awesome Pink Waterford

Commute: Just 2 1/2 miles, with extra detours to navigate these Seattle hills!

Elizabeth always rode her bike for pleasure; the turning point for her came when a colleague convinced her she could ride from Washington, D.C. to the suburbs of Fairfax, Va. for her commute. He met her on the trail, showed her the way, and an advocate was born. After starting a club at that job, she applied for and got the job as communications director at the League of American Bicyclists. She left the League after almost eight years, having moved up to Executive Vice President. While at the League she completed one cross-country trip and several state-wide rides.

Elizabeth has served as the Executive Director of Cascade Bicycle Club since September 2013. Leading a staff of more than 40 at the largest local bicycle organization in the country, Elizabeth continues to build on Cascade's work in advocacy, education and excellent rides.

Elizabeth has worked in bicycle advocacy since 2005, and is an avid bike commuter and recreational rider with her husband and three young children (ages 7, 6 and 4).