Events and Rides Director

David Lee

Wheels: Steve Rex steel bike with S&S couplers and 26" wheel for airline regulation sized luggage. Brompton folding bicycle for intermodal travel.

Commute: 6 miles each way. Bike, car and sea kayak.

Favorite ride: All Cascade Daily Rides. Loaded touring from Colorado to Virginia.

David was born in Taiwan and grew up in San Francisco. He started riding as an adult in 2009, learning to cycle in traffic by taking a Cascade education class and riding in the Daily Rides program. David's bicycle passion includes loaded bicycle touring trips as well as week long supported tours including RAW, Ride the Rockies, Bicycle Tour of Colorado and Cascade Regional Tours.

David is a former director in non-profit education, field instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), as well as an attorney in California, New York and Washington State.