Director of Membership & Outreach

Serena Lehman

Wheels: Motobecane Grand Jubilee, Centurion

Commute: 10 miles from Beacon Hill

Originally from Santa Barbara, CA, Serena first become addicted to cycling while attending Santa Barbara Middle School. Through the school Serena was introduced to bike touring all around the Southwest US. Additionally she became "Bike Monkey" helping younger students with maintenance problems. With this newly experienced independence, 13 year old Serena became a bicycle commuter.

Fast forward many years later, Serena has never owned a car. An avid year round bicycle commuter, Serena loves climbing her two hills everyday on her trusty old bike. Her environmental consciousness as well of love of being outside keeps her commuting by bicycle everyday.

Contrary to popular belief Serena has other interests outside of cycling. She likes neuroscience, cooking, painting, camping and a good pint of beer.