F5 Networks Bike Everywhere Month 2020

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Welcome to the hub for the F5 Networks Bike Everywhere Month presented by Cascade Bicycle Club!

F5 Networks Bike Everywhere Month is the time to support, encourage, and celebrate all things bicycling. Join us in proving that no one celebrates pedal power like Washington. 

About F5 Networks Bike Everywhere Month

This month-long celebration of pedal-powered movement offers a range of activities, including:

  • The F5 Networks Bike Everywhere Challenge, presented by Washington Bikes, in which riders compete by forming teams and tracking their trips from June 1 to 30, 2020
  • The F5 Networks Bike Everywhere Day,  Community groups, small businesses, and corporations host event stations that aim to encourage people to start riding or ride more often. For more info email Kristin Podsiad at outreach@cascade.org

The best way to celebrate F5 Networks Bike Everywhere Month is simply to get on a bike: ride to work, ride to the grocery store or just ride for the sheer joy of being outside soaking up the spring weather!


SO Get Rolling!

Whether you're a veteran cyclist, returning after a break from the bike or a brand new rider, F5 Networks Bike Everywhere Month is the best time of the year to get in the saddle. Keep riding with us year-round by joining us for our volunteer-led Free Group Rides, including virtual Zwift rides and socially-distanced "simultaneous spins".

Want to push yourself this June? Try a month-long mileage challenge like the Bike Everywhere Challenge, brought to you by Washington Bikes!

Check out our community calendar for updated information on rides and other cycling events throughout the year.

Check out all the photos from past Cascade Bicycle Club events on our Flickr album


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