2014 Commute Challenge Results

2014 award winners:

Whether you biked 5 miles or 5,000 miles in the 2014 Adobe Bike Month Challenge presented by F5, you're a winner in Cascade's book. By using your bike to get from Point A to Point B you've reaped the incredible benefits of two-wheeled transportation. Way to go!

Image of Commute Challenge certificate

Want to recognize your team, organization or fellow rider? You can create certificates for yourself or your teammates by downloading the certificate .pdf at right. Several award winners are eligible for prizes and will be notified by email.  Now onto the big winners!


From small shops to huge corporations, over 1000 organizations particiipated in the Commute Challenge and ROCKED IT. The U.S. Department of Interior, Seattle Children's Hospital, and the University of Washington stole the show with clean sweeps in most categories. Amazing!

100% Commute Rate for an Organization

Jet City Label (4 riders)
RAF Technology, Inc. (5 riders)
McNaul Ebel Nawrot & Helgren PLLC (4 riders)

Most Complete Teams in an Organization

1st place: U.S. Department of the Interior (115 teams)
2nd place: Seattle Children’s (79 teams)
3rd place: University of Washington (69 teams)

Most Riders in an Organization

1st place: U.S. Department of the Interior (900 riders)
2nd place: Seattle Children’s (642 riders)
3rd place: University of Washington (577 riders)

Most NEW riders in an organization

1st place: U.S. Department of the Interior (194 new riders)
2nd place: Seattle Children’s (134 new riders)
3rd place: University of Washington (79 new riders)

Most Trips in an Organization

1st place: U.S. Department of the Interior (7854 trips)
2nd place: Seattle Children’s (6345 trips)
3rd place: University of Washington (6096 trips)


If you want some good entertainment, please look through this year's team names

Commute Rate for a Complete Team

1st place (tie): Drop Bears (Institute for Systems Biology)(100%)
1st place (tie): One Spoke Over the Line (Seattle Children's) (100%)
1st place (tie): Sportworkers (Sportworks Northwest)(100%)
2nd place: PaKaJeNa (Expedia, Inc.) (99.5%)
3rd place: F5 for each day in May (F5 Networks, Inc.) (99.0%)

Most Trips for a Team

1st place: Sterna Paradisaea (Boeing) (203 trips)
2nd place: BLM Utah State Office (U.S. Department of the Interior) (185.5 trips)
3rd place: Raindawgs (University ofWashington) (184.5 trips)

Most trips per rider (Average)

1st place: PaKaJeNa (Expedia, Inc.) (21.5 trips/rider)
2nd place: Sterna Paradisaea (Boeing) (20.3 trips/rider)
3rd place: Sportworkers (Sportworks Northwest) (20.8 trips/rider)

Most Miles for a Team

1st place: Chewbikas (REI) (8,272 miles)
2nd place: Sterna Paradisaea (Boeing) (8,144 miles)
3rd place: F5 High Fivers (F5 Networks, Inc.) (5,320 miles)

Most miles per rider (Average)

1st place: Chewbikas (REI) (827 miles/rider)
2nd place: Sterna Paradisea (Boeing) (814 miles/rider)
3rdplace: Sportworkers (Sportworkers Northwest) (578 miles/rider)

Most new commuters on a team

7 newbies: Florida FHWA "Feds on Fire" (US Department of Transportation), SAIL on Wheels (SAIL), Symbiosis (Adaptive Symbiotic Technologies), NETL Tread Setters (US Department of Energy), Harley Marine Marauders (Harley Marine Services)
6 newbies: RootMetrics (RootMetrics), Bike-terial Infection (Neighborcare Health), EFL Riders (FHWA-EFL), Pharm Animals 2: Escape from the Petting Zoo (Seattle Children's), Negawatt Riders (EMI Consulting), Team Trulia (Trulia), GSA Cyclepaths (US General Services Administration), KPuff Pedal Pushers (KPFF Consulting Engineers), Everyday I'm Pedaling (University of Washington), YAhooers (Yellowstone Association), 4 Corners Cyclists (US Department of the Interior)


Out of over 16,000 riders, these riders stood out. Let's all tip our helmets to these fine folks for their truly impressive feats of two-wheeled transport.

Most Trips Overall

1st place (tie): Matthew Louie (RoulerREI35, REI Alderwood) (31 trips)
1st place (tie): Jim Troy (IVT Super Cyclers, Boeing) (31 trips)
1st place (tie): Cameron Sanders (Anchorage Alaska Public Lands Information Center, US Department of the Interior) (31 trips)
1st place (tie): John Vidale (Dip Slip, University of Washington) (31 trips)
2nd place: Yee Feng (Team Cornerstone, Cornerstone Advisors) (30 trips)
2nd place: Andrew Tomko (MV Bikers, WA State Ferries) (30 trips)
2nd place: Kelly Wagnon (Green Depot Peddlers, Green Depot) (30 trips)
3rd place : Dave Long (Trident Riders, Trident Seafoods Corporation) (29 trips)
3rd place : Benjamin Mako Hill (Team Evelyn, University of Washington) (29 trips)
3rd place : Mark Wronkiewicz (Hear us pedal, University of Washington) (29 trips)


Most Miles Overall

1st place: Paul Fredericks  (Radiant Senior Living) (1,618 miles)
2nd place: Paul Horst (A Penny Farther, Boeing) (1,341 miles)
3rd place Charles Jeffreys (Seattle Central Community College) (1,320 miles)

Most Trips Among New Commuters (We <3 newbies!)

1st place: Kyle O'Brien (Everett Bike Polo) (25 trips)
2nd place: Michael McBain (Pharm Animals, Seattle Children's) (24 trips)
3rd place: Jen Medl (Rolling Thunder, Alaska Fire Service) (22.5 trips)
3rd place: Ed Yanez (Past and Present AmeriCorps, Cascade Bicycle Club) (22.5 trips)


2014 Captain of the Year: Emily Meeks of The Flying Owls (Seattle Children's)

Congratulations to Emily Meeks, winner of the 2014 Team Captain of the Year award! According to her teammates on the Flying Owls and Seattle Children's colleagues, Emily 'led by example with 100% ridership in May, and motivated the team with goodies, prizes, and weekly emails throughout the month. She kicked off the month with a meet and greet at work where she handed out packets and gave us homemade goodies.' She devised an iron-on logo for the Flying Owls and created team T-shirts. Additionally, she sent weekly emails with information, tips and fun challenges, and offered weekly prizes to teammates.

'She has really brought together a great group of individuals!  I am most impressed by the 3 members that she approached that are outside of our Marcomm Dept. I love that we get to know other staff from other departments, including IS and Neurology.  I think Emily deserves this because she has been conscious to include everyone, and has kept us engaged throughout the month with Bike Happy Hours, prizes for best rider of the week, and team t-shirts!'

Another teammate said, 'She always had a positive, supportive attitude and inspired us to get on that bike when perhaps we didn't want to.' 

'Emily is an avid rider all year long and inspires me to ride during the other 11 months of the year. When May ends, Emily doesn't stop being my captain!'




Many thanks for your support! Happy riding.