Communications & Marketing Manager

Briana Orr

Wheels: A Surly Cross-Check affectionately named Blú Jay

Commute: 7 miles from Greenwood

Favorite ride: Any ride

Bio: A native of the Pacific Northwest, but a newbie to Cascade Bicycle Club and Seattle, Briana comes to us from Eugene, Oregon.

Her love of bicycling stems from the freedom she feels on two wheels, both physically and financially. She loves connecting with the places and people she meets while riding, and ardently agrees with Ernest Hemingway’s famous assertion that these windowless vehicles allow us to “learn the contours of the country best.” Fueled on gluten-free pasta, coffee and tacos galore, her bicycle takes her all over the world.

Briana feels lucky to have a passport stamped from the Netherlands (where she studied bicycle transportation planning), Belize and several other European countries (just for fun). In 2012, she gained an appreciation for tailwinds, aluminum frames and fighting hanger with Shot Bloks while pedaling across the United States with Bike & Build. 

While at the University of Oregon, she started the UO Bike Program and served as its coordinator for the better part of 5 years. She learned that talking (and writing, blogging, tweeting, etc.) about bicycling could be a career and she is excited to continue the conversation in Seattle as Cascade’s Communications Manager.

Briana looks forward to exploring Puget Sound’s wild places by kayak, on foot and on bicycle on the weekends.

Follow Briana on Twitter at @Cascade_Briana.  


Briana Orr