Midweek Eastside Evening Training Series (MEETS): Leisurely to Vigorous

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Date and Time: 
Wednesday, September 9, 2015 - 6:00pm
Start Location: 
East Lake Sammamish Trail
NE 70th Street, behind the Whole Foods parking lot
Redmond, WA 98052
Contact Information: 
Alexa C Volwiler
Series Co-Director
Sandi Navarro
25.00 miles
Elevation Gain: 
1,500 feet
Weather Cancels?: 
Ride Description: 

Come join us for the 2015 MEETS midweek evening training series.

START LOCATION: We will meet at the trail parking behind Whole Foods off of 70th street, a few blocks from the far east parking lot at Marymoor.

Midweek Eastside Evening Training Series – The MEETS rides will be held every Wednesday evening through the spring/summer. These will be training routes that incorporate local hills, are between 20-30 miles, and will progress from ~ 1,000 to 2,000 feet of elevation gain. There will be five paces offered for riders – Leisurely (10-12 mph on flats); Steady (12-14 mph on flats); Moderate (14-16 mph on flats); Brisk (16-18 mph on flats); and Vigorous (18-20 mph on the flats) which will all use a common base route for that week.

Riders should be able to sustain the appropriate pace for their selected group, know how to read a cue sheet or make it home should they become separated from the group, know how to change a flat (and have the requisite equipment; groups will not stop for mechanicals), and have a positive attitude! Because this is a training series with multiple paces, we will regroup at the tops of hills, but ask that riders who are unable to keep up drop back a pace (e.g., regrouping at the tops of hills will be no longer than ~3 minutes). Riders can ride on their own, in small groups, or with the appropriate pace ride leader. Riders should arrive 20 minutes early and be ready to ride at the listed start time. All riders are required to hear the safety briefing and sign the liability waiver. 

FOR WET CONDITIONS, FENDERS REQUIRED. Please come with long fenders including a buddy flap if the roads are wet. Without them, you will be asked to ride in the back of the group. 

PLEASE RSVP on Meetup.com (link below) ahead of time if you plan to ride with us so we can recruit additional ride leaders as necessary. RSVP not required, but would be MUCH appreciated.

Route: Cue sheets will be available at the ride start. RWGPS links available upon request of the series directors. 

Rest stops: There will be no planned rest stops as these are short rides; however there are restrooms near the start. 

Showers Cancel.  

Ride leaders will not be at the ride start should conditions be as noted as “Weather Cancels” described above. The Ride Director will announce the cancellation in the comments section below at least two hours prior to the ride start and will monitor this Meetup page and respond to comments.  

Mentoring opportunities available. Email the series directors to inquire. 


East Lake Sammamish Trail
NE 70th Street, behind the Whole Foods parking lot
Redmond, WA 98052