She Bikes: Cycle the Wave Little Sister training ride #6

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Date and Time: 
Saturday, August 29, 2015 - 11:00am
Start Location: 
East Lake Sammamish Trail
NE 70th Street, behind the Whole Foods parking lot
Redmond, WA 98052
Contact Information: 
Louise A Johnson
14.40 miles
Elevation Gain: 
690 feet
Weather Cancellation: 
Ride Description: 

This is the sixth in a set of 8 Saturday morning rides, in a safe, supportive environment, designed to help you transition from riding trails and flat areas to riding on roads and some hills, so you can complete the Cycle the Wave Little Sister ride, or just to help you branch out a little. This ride is all road. We will add a new hill at the beginning of the ride, cover the same hills as the previous ride, and add a little more elevation at the end. This is a 14.4 mile ride.

The Ride Leader will be leading a Leisurely-paced ride (10 - 12 mph on the flats with no headwinds or tailwinds). Those who wish to ride at a faster pace are welcome to do so, but it will then become a self-paced ride for them. We will regroup as needed along the way so don't worry about the 10 mph, if you are between 8 and 10 mph please join us!

Please make sure you have the supplies to change a tire in case you get a flat. You will need a pump or CO2 cartridge and a tube. These are NO DROP rides, if you get a flat we will all stop and get it fixed. We'll use it as a training session on fixing a flat. If some other mechanical issue occurs that we can't fix, and you are not able to continue the ride, we will make sure you are in a safe place with help coming before we leave you.

Riders should arrive 20 minutes early and be ready to ride at the listed start time. All riders are required to hear the safety briefing and sign the liability waiver. A helmet is required on all Cascade rides. Please note that there is a port-a-potty but no water at the start location, so bring full water bottles with you to the start.

Showers will cancel this ride. The Ride Leader will post in the comments before 9am if the ride is cancelled or will be at the start at 11am to cancel.

Cycle the WAVE (Women Against Violence Everywhere) is an all-women charity cycling experience that raises awareness and critical funds for domestic violence programs in Washington State. The 8th Annual Cycle the WAVE will take place on Sunday, September 20, 2015, starting at Bellevue College. For more information about the ride and the host organization, The WAVE Foundation, please visit


Please note that the start location for this ride is not Whole Foods! We are behind the Whole Foods parking lot, on the right of Whole Foods itself, in the parking lot for the East Lake Sammamish trail. We will attempt to also keep an eye out for cyclists at Whole Foods, but cross the gravel trail to the East Lake Sammamish Trail, and to the parking lot next to that, to find us. Thanks!

There is a 90% chance of rain Saturday morning until 11am, when it drops to 65%. If it is actively raining at 9am I will cancel this ride then. I will post a comment notifying you, and on Meetup I will also change the title and generate an email to be sent to all who RSVP'd for the ride. I will not be at the start point at 11am if this happens. If it's not raining at 9am, I will wait until 11am to make the call based on how the weather looks and how wet the roads are. I will make this decision at the start point.

We need this rain, and it's supposed to rain in Eastern Washington too, hopefully helping with the fires. I still hope it can wait until 1 or 2pm to start. :)

Hey all, it's going to be too dangerous to ride today between the wet roads and the high winds. I am cancelling this ride. I hope to see you on next Saturday's ride.

East Lake Sammamish Trail
NE 70th Street, behind the Whole Foods parking lot
Redmond, WA 98052