STP Training Question

For those of you one day riders for STP that have full time jobs and families, how and what does your training look like?  I have done the STP in one day before but my last one was back in 2008, times have changed for me.  Looking to do try to do the ride again next year. Any tips much appreciated.

I imagine there isn't one way to do it.  I know a guy who is uber-fit.  Does all kinds of workouts throughout the year.  (running..  spin classes..  hiking..  etc.)  Each February, he pulls his bike out of the garage and gets it tuned up and then gets in saddle time from March til the STP and does it in one day.

I guess what I am suggesting is that if you keep a steady baseline of fitness, that would save you a lot of "make up" saddle time in the spring.  I find it amazing that of the 10,000 people who do the STP, over 2,700 do it in one day.  I have to believe that most of these people are like the guy I mentioned above.  People who have a really good fitness level that affords them the luxury of not having to go nuts the 3-4 months before the ride.

I could be wrong though..

One word  ....  Hills... find them all, climb them as hard as you can...  repeat.  The Seven Hills of Kirkland is a good example of a great training route...  extend it to the 100 mile loop and you have a target to shoot for.

I do the basic fitness all year long.  Run, swim, and spin classes until the weather gets better in April.  Then put your seat time in... I usually ride 2-3 times a week with the 70-80 mile ride on the weekend.  I haven't put any huge 100 plus mile rides in for years now and it has worked out just fine.  This will be my 8th one day STP.  All I worry about is weather... and this year will be HOT!!

Good luck on your training.