STP 1 Day

I plan to do the 2014 STP in 1 Day. But what I'd like to know is: How long does a Rider have to complete the race? Some friends think it's 12 hours.  I'm thinking of doing it in 14-15 hours for my first time. What is the Cut Off time to get the 1 Day Badge?

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Dear J. Silverfox:

A. It's not a race

B. The course opens at 4:45 AM for one-day riders, and I believe closes at 9:00 PM. So you have a great deal of time to complete the course. I have done a one-day only once, leaving at about 5:15 AM and arriving at 8:15 PM. You can get a one-day badge as long as you have sufficient lights, and there are volunteers still willing to stand out there and hand them out.  I know of someone who rolled in about midnight one year, and still got a one-day badge (not recommended). 

I find it amazing that every year, 2,700+ of the 10K riders do the STP in one day.  That distance equals 22 times around the planet.. all in one day.  

I'm going to put on my Pink Floyd records and think about that...   :)

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Last year was my second STP, and my first single day ride.  It took me almost exactly 13 hours, including stops for food and water.  Oddly enough, the two day ride the previous year also took a total of 13 hours, also included all stops except the overnight stop.

I found out that the Finish Line closes at 9 pm. Also, as I've read on this site. If you rent a Timing Chip. When you turn it in you get a 1 Day Window Sticker? I think it said that? There's no way to distinguish 1 Day from 2 Day riders. Except if they arrive on Saturday.

So it seems like all that 1 Day riders get is a STP Finisher Badge. I got one last year as a 2 Day Finisher.

@J. Silverfox: When you arrive on Saturday at the finish line, you'll be handed a "One Day Rider" patch as you cross the finish line--regardless of whether you rent the timing chip.  The patch is based solely on what day you arrive at the finish line.

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what i observed at the finish line was the "official photo" folks were done at 9PM.  the were handing out "One Day Rider" patches way past 11PM.  the announcer was done around 10:30PM.  most of the vendors were done by 9:30PM.  lot of folks hanging out in the park until midnight.  kudos to the volunteers who stayed up assisting finishers way beyond the 9PM finish. 

I, too, intend to do the ride in 1 day and, being slow, want to get the earliest start I can.  Would someone tell me when I should be in the starting area in order to start in the 0445-0515 window for 1 day riders?  This is my first STP and I expect there is quite the traffic jam at the start.

Get there by 4 am. Put your bag on the 1-Day Portland truck. Drink your coffee and eat your brekkie snack. I haven't seen anything sold there. Might be though. Use the Porta Potty and get in line by 4:30 am. That's if you wanna leave on the 1st wave of 1-Day riders. I've heard of some 1-Day riders starting between the Stadium and the Montlake Bridge. If you have a Timing Chip,then you'll want to go through the Start Line.


But,if you're "Slow" as you say,then the 2nd wave of 1-Day riders is for you. As most riders in the first wave will be mostly competitive. Meaning 20+ MPH riders.

I'm doing 1-Day too. I'll be starting in the 2nd wave. I'll be riding 15-16 MPH up till the Lewis & Clark Bridge. Then hopefully 17-18 MPH as it'll be mostly flat and good paved road. Last year I did my fastest there. 19 MPH avg. from LCB to St Johns Bridge. But that was as a 2-Day rider.

I ordered a timing chip yesterday, July 3.  My ride packet already came in the mail.  I live in Oregon, how can a get the timing chip now?  But, I will be in Seattle a few days before the ride.  Thank you for the info!