Am I the only one who stops at stop signs on the Burke-Gilman?


Just curious.

Submitted by Jim Werner on

maybe what the subject should say ," am i the  only one who stops at stop signs period."  down here in portland it is the same issue and i persume everywhere else as well.  many cyclists feel that if they marry the rules of pedestrians to motorists to take advantage of both is a good rule.  you see if they stop then lance and greg will pass them and win the race.

Submitted by Fred Julian on

Street stop lights/signs are a problem and I don't hesitate to yell "Asshole!" to cyclists who run them.

However, the BG is a little different.  Far too many of the stop signs should say "yield" and everybody knows it.  There is no reason for stopping at a private driveway when you can see that there are no cars coming or going.  Unfortunately, this means that appropriately placed stops signs are too often ignored. 

I agree, the Lake Forest Park section of the BG used to be ridiculous. These days, though, it appears that the stop and yield signs are appropriately placed at streets where they are needed; the old stop signs at driveways have been removed.

So, recently I've had this experience:

(At the intersection of some relatively busy street and the trail)

  1. I stop, and I can see a car coming.
  2. Car stops.
  3. We play "after you Alphonse". 
  4. I yell, "you have the right-of-way!"
  5. Motorist screws up courage, starts to go...
  6. Some other cyclist blows past me, through the crossing, at high speeds. 
  7. Motorist comes to a screeching halt.

Rinse and repeat steps 3-7. Drives me insane. If the car would just go, then I could just go, and we'd all be on our merry way. Meanwhile, I understand why motorists are so hesitant to take their right-of-way, because of the high-speed doofus who zips past me without so much of a head turn to see if someone's coming. Argh!


Submitted by Jim Werner on

you are so right.  sometimes when i am able to catch the d..... i yell," that stop sign and or red signal light was meant for you, idiot"

I stop,but I check for bikes coming from behind first.I don't want to be hit from behind.

It turns out that once you stop and enter the crosswalk, you have the right of way. The correct sequence is car and bike stop, then the bike crosses the intersection, which are all crosswalks by definition.  It's not a two way or four way stop.

I ride the Burk a lot and I always slow down at stop signs but if I don't have to stop then I wont. Most cars have been really nice and stop and wave me through and I always wave a thank you. I just don't like having to clip in and out of my pedals all the time.... However I'd make a horrible hood ornament too! So I always slow down and proceed with caution.