Flying Wheels 2014

A discussion of the Flying Wheels 2014

Why is the flying wheels a week earlier than usual? Or at least it seems early to me. Thanks.

I remember "back in the day", when the distance between the 2 rides was PERFECT.  it was 2 weeks.  You could really peak at FW, take an easy ride the following weekend, then hit the STP with gusto.  IMHO, it's WAY too far apart at this point in time.

I think that Cascade got a lot of blow-back from the local residents about the scheduling of Flying Wheels and other events in the Snoqualmie Valley. Also, the bridge between Carnation Farms and 203 is going to be repaired, and the dates have not yet been set. By having the ride early, they won't have to worry about a major re-route of the ride.

I know we won't be riding it this year because of the scheduling. Many people are not ready to ride a century that early in the season. I wonder if ridership will be affected?