pullayup hill

how's this for an idea. with so many new folks doing the stp every year how about placing a sign at the bottom of the hill. " prepare to down shift"  i know it is obvious to those of us who have done the ride many times but a lot of folks out of the area think a hill is a traffic calming device.  how often have you seen someone jumping off their bikes in panic a hundred feet into the hill.  maybe with a little for warning they would actually try another of those 27 speeds they have on their bikes.  maybe half way between the town and the hill there might be a sign saying,"prepare to use your granny gear".  to get their attention there could be a sign," real cyclists know when to shift".

Jim, I'll pass your suggestion of a downshift sign to the event producers. The Puyallup hill is pointed out in all the maps as a big climb on the STP, but it can't hurt to let people know.



Cascade Bicycle Club

The hill that I think could use a "warning" is the one early in the route, when we take a sharp right turn away from Lake Washington and head into a residential neighborhood. The climb isn't terribly long, but the slope gets pretty steep pretty fast. Still catches me by surprise. If I recall correctly, there are usually volunteers at the bottom, making sure people know they need to turn. Might be a good idea to have them shout something like "Downshift!" or "Hill!" along with "Right Turn!"

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you are right and that's the one that a whole bunch jump off their bikes while blocking those that are still attempting to pedal up the hill.  one year with a good tail wind just prior to this hill i blew right past the turn.  i think we know with a little more hill training neither of these hills becomes an obstacle.  oh, and for those who are knew to this ride, in your training for the ride speed bumps don't count as hill training.