Knee Replacements and Orthopedic Surgeon Referrals


My knees are both horrible and I have been putting off replacment surgery for at least 10 years.  I'm done with arthroscopic cleanouts..there is nothing left to clean out!!  I'd like to get back into cycling this year and have already sign up for the STP and the RAW (with my wife; we aren't setting any speed records).  I have to do something about my knee pain or I don't think I'll be able to do it, let alone walk a golf course, my other big goal for this year...

I know many of you older guys like me (58 now) have had this done and I'm looking for 3 things:

1) Are you happy with the results?

2) do you love your doctor?  I'm looking for referrals...

3) Has anyone had a partial knee replacement for just the upper "knee-cap" side.  Dr. McAllister showed me an animated video for this procedure so I know it exist, but I've never heard from anyone that may have had it.  I have heard that alignment on the partial is the challenge and they oftern end up doing a complete, but it sounds perfect for me as a start anyway.

Note: My problem is more on the topside under the knee cap than the bottom, which is why Dr. McAllister keeps telling me to put it off, but this is getting ridiculous...I rode my (Kinetics) trainer (which is nice and smooth) for an hour the other night, super easy, and my knees are torn up.  I've had knee issues and lots of pain since 8th grade, and at this point I'm not looking to ski Black Diamond runs, but I would like to be able to walk and play golf, ride my bike, ski the gently blue runs, and maybe even a little tennis...

Thanks in advance for any feedback from your experience with this issue...



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although i have sore knees, don't ever ask me to do deep knee bends, i've yet to get to your degree of pain.  i have read recently that knee replacement is not all that it has been cracked up to be.......all puns intended.  apparently there has been a cabal out there that wants to replace everyone's knees.  now there seems to be a swing in the other direction.  hope you find some relief out there.  in my case i just wear a patella strap and it seems to work for me.  but then again i haven't had the surgery that you have had to go through.

good luck in your training and keep spinning.

I know several people who have gone to Dr. Craig McAllister and speak very highly of him with his surgical & post-op procedures to get you back "on your feet" quickly.  I have only heard great things about him and how he addresses knees.  He may be hesitent, but you know your pain level and if you want it done, he will do it.  You are the customer.  You will be glad you did!

I have had  2 partial knee replacements , one for the medial side of each knee. One was about six years ago and the other about 2 yearts ago. Both procedures and rehabs. went well because I lost some weight and got myself in good shape before the operation and followed the rehab guidelines fairly well. The first knee was replaced because I could not walk around the block w/o pain. The other knee was replaced after a miniscal tear because I was informed that the intermediate steps such arthroscopy is not all that effective. For both surgeries I used Dr. Charles Young of Group Health Central and was very pleased with the overall improvement in the quality of my life after each procedure. I can't run and choose to no longer play tennis or telemark ski but hiking and biking are AOK and i'm not so cranky anymore.