How to Sign Up For STP 2014 Bus/Truck Transportation?

Hi all,

Does anyone know if it is still possible to get tickets for the bus/truck return trip for STP 2014?

I was planning to add it to my registration, but now the form isn't accessible since the ride itself has sold out. I'd rather not wait until the packet pickup since the FAQ says it can sell out.


Hi Stephen,

I didn't sign up for the return transportation this year, but it is usually a part of your registration process, not a seperate process. I believe the only option is to call the Cascade office and talk with someone there. They can usually help out. Good luck!


Usually you can do "Add-Ons" by clicking My Dashboard/My Account/My Order History/Order #/Buy Add-Ons. I've ordered bike transpot as late as June. But now it says "Access Denied-You Are Not Authorized To View Ths Page" Even though i am "Signed In". What that's about,I don't know.

I emailed Kim Thompson, and she told me how to do it. Her reply copied below for anyone else having the same confusion:


Transportation is not sold out.   This are the instructions to purchase a bus ticket.


Do you want to buy an event jersey? How about a bus ticket or parking pass? Or maybe you need to submit a payment of balance due for a tour?

These items are called “add-ons” and can be purchased after registering for an event. Here's how:

1) Log in to your account -- you must be logged on to complete this process.
2) Click on the "My Account" link at the top.
3) Scroll down to your order history and click on the order number you wish to view to display your order history. Once in the order you can see all items purchased. 

4) Click on the order number of the registration for which you would like to purchase additional items.

5) Click on the "Buy add-ons" link under that registration and select the additions you’d like to purchase.

6) Click “Add to cart.”

7) If you’d like to purchase add-ons for additional registration(s), click the “My Account” link (step 2) and repeat these steps.

8) Click “Checkout” and enter your payment information. You will know you have succeeded if you go back to the “Orders” page and the there is a new order for the items you selected.