Overnight Bike-Camping?!?

Where are my fellow bike-campers at? 

I am looking to connect with other bike-campers in the Puget Sound area. I have been at this for over 3 years and have put on over 5,000 miles on my bike while bike-camping all over the PNW. It would be awesome to get to know other people who have a passion for this crazy hobby like I do. 

Talk to you soon!



I would really like to be involved with bike camping! Being from the small town of Quilcene/port Townsend, I don't know a lot of bikers that want to do this.  I have never done bike camping, but been slowly gathering gear for this goal:-)

Submitted by Ed Zuckerman on

I am thinking of a trip in this area at the end of May would love to hear about best routes down from Bremerton, best camping spots and of course best eating places you have found.  Ed


i was thinking of taking a 3 week vacation to unwind from burnout in my job.  I've got a friend who's done a lot of bicycle riding around the US, but he warned me that Northern California was a bit dangerous becuase there wasn't really a shoulder on the 101 in parts.  My friend is planning on going with me.  I'd like to plan to go to at least Southern Oregon, then if necessary head inland onto a safer route, then head back to the coast.  Any other ideas would be appreciated.  I'm thinking that we'll stay in price-concious hotels and not camp.  Camping is a possibility that I would like to explore.  We would not be cooking if we're camping.  We'd eat all meals out.

Any and all ideas and comments will be welcome.  I've never done this before.

Submitted by Pete Grey on

Saw the post by Ron, about N. CA.

It's funny, because I've intentionally toured (loaded) that portion 5 times now, starting in southern Oregon, it's the part of the coast I've done the most (I've done the entire West coast 4 times, and other sections over the years, repeatedly, it's by far the easiest way to just grab your stuff and go, with the hike/bike sites).

Just finished the last section of the SW coast with our daughter this last year (she's 9, and has done the whole coast exept NW WA, from forks south for about 150mi, mostly tandem or tail-a-bike, a little trailer), got to the Mexico border and took our obligatory shots, before scrambling back north to relax for a few days!

There are some narrow sections in areas, but then there are places such as the heart of the redwood highway, where you're off on 1, and all the real traffic is on 101, and you meander through towering trees, hardliy seeing the sun they're so tall/dense. 

Climbing Leggett hill is narrow/winding, but 90% of the cars are going the other way to Fort Bragg here, in over 101, instead of the hilly and spectacular 1.  I've toured much more harrowing sections than this one, as is evidenced by my return here, again and again ;-] 

I can provide more info, etc, if you want/need.

I might be interested in some shorter trips, possibly longer (depends on work status, and some other factors), mostly just do one longer family tour these days, with a couple of long holiday weekend tours to get things rolling.  If the timing were right though, I'd head out with a group for awhile.

For those of you just getting started, my best tip is to plan to spend some time apart, at least part of any trip over a few days.  I've ridden with all manner of reallyi close friends, aquaintences, family, and there are days where you NEED at least part of a day apart, it's often very simple to rendezvous at a campground or similar, or for dinner in a town, etc.  Just my $0.02.