STP Single Day

After signing up for STP 2014,I'm going Single Day with a rented Timing Chip. Reading through the various pages. It says that the Finish Line will close at 9 pm for Single Day riders. Single Day riders also get "Free Food" at Official Stops. Yet,after signing up. What differentiates a 1 Day from a 2 Day rider? I saw nothing that allowed you to sign up for one day or the other. So,how will the Official Stops know who is a Single Day rider as many 2 Day riders will arrive at Official stops as 1 Day riders? And what is the Free Food?  Doing 2 Day last year, at Official stops all riders got Sandwiches,Fruit,Juice,Cookies,Energy Bars,Energy Drinks. So what do Single Day riders get?

Until you get to Centralia, there is no difference.  In Centralia, there is a food stop way at the end of the whole setup and this is only for the one day riders who are going further, but there are no checks.  I guess if you are done (2 day riders) your are over at the beer tent anyway.  After Centralia, it would be only the one day riders who are there, but actually many 2 day rider ride on for a bit to shorten the second day.  Otherwise, everything is the same.  The finish line closes at 9 because it gets dark then and you probably bailed for a hotel room if you didn't make it.  You get a nice "one day finisher" badge if you get there when they are still open.  Enjoy...  you might hear about the crowd complaints around the STP...  one good thing about a one day ride, you pretty much have the place to yourself after Centralia and even before if you start with the first wave.  Also, most one riders actually know how to ride in a crowd.

No differentiation -- you are simply registered for STP.  The beauty of it is that your registration does not tie you into a 1-day or 2-day ride.  You can flip flop at your heart's content all the way up to the starting line when you throw your baggage either onto the 1-day Portland truck or any 2-day overnight location truck.  The timing chip however (I believe) only records for 1-day finishers.

As Trekrider said above, there is a "1-day Finisher" partch and a general "STP Finisher" patch.

Expect the same type of food further down the route as you got last year.  However, the food at Centrailia and beyond close up earlier on Saturday -- before the typical 2-day rider would get there.  Don't forget, there are plenty of grocery stores along the way if you want anything different.  Have fun!

I would say that the food for one-day riders offered at Centralia can best be characterised as a caloric source.  Skip the line there, get a quick massage, pickup something that looks tasty at the 7-11 around the corner, and head on south.  Your appetite may vary.