Tips for selling a Tandem bike?


Member lives in Victoria, B.C. Cycling season coming up and we (daughter and I) have outgrown our Medium/Small Cannondale tandem. Have considered about the bike swap, but this bike is in excellent condition, and would like fair value. Suggestions for Seattle area forums or shops where I should advertise or consign? If no other suggestions, will post to classifieds later this year. Tnx!

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As far as bike swap goes, you can get a fair price for your product, but the higher the price the better or more unique the product s/b

They do have a consignment setup, but in the past they've not been setup very well.  IF i was to do consignment at bike swap I would place a sign with my # for more info, because the folks selling the bike no nothing....about your bike, or just hang out at the bike & be ready to answer questions, vey tiring.

Other than that I would use craigs list

Good luck

You might want to get in touch with the people at Evergreen Tandem Club (Seattle area) - their site used to have a sale board feature.  Check for a tandem club in Victoria area -- the Northwest Tandem Rally was up there a few years ago.

The " tandem@hobbes " group also permits for sale ads.

My daughter and I are looking for a tandem for this summer's STP.  She has outgrown the trail-a-long.  Does anyone have a rig that needs a new home? An old Burley, perhaps?   -Peter O. in Mt. Vernon  360-854-9850