RAW logistics from an out of state rider

Hello, I have done many week long rides and coming from out of state (Arizona in my case) frequently presents some logistical challenges.  I see that RAW has a shuttle from/to University of Washington parking lots.  I would be flying into Sea-Tac with my bike (Southwest is the best for bikes) the day before and I figure due to the early time I would need to have a hotel close to the University of Washington.  I figure I can shuttle from the airport to the hotel but getting from the hotel with bike, bag and myself to the parking lot pickup sites would be a challenge.  I have found that taxies sometimes cannot take bikes.  I figure others have tried different approaches on this.  Also looking for a hotel recommendation near the University.  Thank you.

Dear Michael,

Welcome to RAW, and it is a lot of fun for both the participants and the staffs/volunteers.

It is well organized and supported. Between the officials (Cascade), the kitchen staffs, and other volunteers, you will find it true.

I don't think this document is final yet (still work in progress), but you will find a lot of information about RAW, including the lodging situation (pages 17, 18). http://www.cascade.org/sites/default/files/Raw%20ride%20guide%202014.pdf

I am not sure if Silver Cloud Inn in University District is an official place or not, but I hear it is very close to the UW Parking lot (bus pickup location) among others near by (see the brochure). Silver Cloud is literally 5-minute ride distance.

When all fails, please do not hesitate to ask other participants and the volunteers for the morning pickup. We do not leave anyone behind! :-) Closer to the event, there will be a lot of activities on this blog site, and I will be surprised if you don't find solutions for your needs. I am not certain (yet) with my schedule, but if I can participate this year's RAW again, I can definitely give you a lift in the morning, if needed. Please keep my email handy.

This is well supported and you will like it very much. Due to a small number of riders, you will meet/know most of them, if not all, as your newly found friends.

Once again welcome to RAW Michael.