Stars of the street

​The kids began to sprinkle by as they came home from school, eager to take part. One kid came sprinting down the street with his waiver signed, ready to be a star of this short film.

We barricaded the area and began setting up our stage. Khatsini Simani, Cascade's education program coordinator, was given the microphone, accepting the role of a lifetime: bike rodeo instructor. ​

We were ready for action. ​ ​

A bike rodeo is a clinic to teach bicycle skills and traffic safety to kids. This week we partnered with Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and Neighborhood House to put on this bike rodeo on in Rainer Vista Neighbrhood.

SDOT closed the street to cars and opened it up for our bike rodeo as part of their "Play Street" pilot program. Plus, they hired a videographer to document how to hold a bike rodeo. 

The event began, and kids began going through each station: helmet fitting, driveway ride out, scanning, crazy crossroads, slaloming and finally the slow race. I raced one child and lost–it's tough riding on a BMX bike half your size!

We also enjoyed using the car sign to demonstrate traffic. ​

There were smiles and excitement all around.

Overall it was a great event, working with our partners and seeing first-hand how a play street and bike rodeo can bring a community together.

Stay tuned for SDOT's video–we will share with you when it's complete!