Exciting News! Ridership triples on Second Avenue
According to SDOT, 1,100 bicyclists are now using the facility

Just one week after the installation of the new protected bike lane on Second Avenue, ridership has already tripled, data shows.

This is exciting news and proof that if you build safe infrastructure, bicyclists will come.

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) today released data for the new Second Avenue protected bike lane, showing bicycle ridership has tripled following the installation of the new infrastructure. With the conversion of the former one-way bike lane to a two-way, protected bike lane, an average of 1,099 bicyclists a day are using the protected bike lane - three times the daily number of cyclists that had previously used the former one-way bike lane!

“I am pleased that the new Second Avenue bike lane is addressing Seattle’s need for a safer, more predictable route through downtown,” stated Mayor Ed Murray in a press release. “These changes help enhance safety for everyone and make Seattle better prepared for the launch of Pronto! Cycle Share in October.”

Thanks to help from 75+ Second Avenue Ambassadors, Cascade Bicycle Club teamed up with SDOT to educate road users on how to navigate the new facility.

Based upon feedback obtained during the initial few days, SDOT quickly made additional changes on Sept. 11 to reduce confusion. “No turn on red” signs replaced “turn on green arrow only” signs and a green straight arrow replaced the solid green circle light.

Ride on, fellow Seattleites!