#UberIMPACT and Cascade connect to make Seattle a safer place

We are very excited to announce that Uber Seattle has chosen us as their July #UberIMPACT organization.

Uber is a rideshare, taxi and taxi alternative company that connect passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire via a mobile phone app. By connecting riders to drivers through their apps, Uber provides new ways for people to get around the city while creating business opportunities for drivers. And starting this fall, Uber will give people a new multimodal commute option by outfitting some of their partner drivers with Saris bike racks so you’ll never get stranded again.

“The goal of #UberIMPACT is to use Uber's technology, social reach and brand to help non-profits in our community. Uber Seattle's partnership with Cascade Bicycle Club highlights the importance of sharing the road,” said Chelsea Davis, Marketing Manager at Uber Seattle. “By using Uber Seattle's large social reach and close communication with our partner drivers, we hope to increase safety and awareness in order to make the city a safe place to drive, walk and bike.”

We have teamed up with Uber as well as the great folks at Black Rapid and New Belgium to create a short film about sharing the road and how drivers should always look twice for bikes.

Additionally, we worked with Uber to create a resource for their partner drivers about looking twice for bikes. Communicating these important tips on how to share the road will help make Seattle a safer place to walk, bike and drive.

We’ll be premiering the short film THIS FRIDAY, July 25, at the New Belgium Clips Film Festival. The fun starts at Gasworks Park at 8 p.m.

​>>>>> Click here for a sneak peek of the film <<<<<<

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Anne-Marije Rook