5 ways to help children become better pedestrians & cyclists

Bike to School Day is May 7, so we thought we'd share some tips and tricks for making riding with kids fun and safe. Bike Month activities are going on all month long throughout the Puget Sound region, so help inspire a love of biking in your kids by taking them for a ride. 

5 ways to help children become better pedestrians & cyclists 

1. Give your child as much independence and responsibility as s/he can handle safely. Throughout childhood, children slowly develop the cognitive, perceptual and sensory skills necessary to be safe in traffic. Ability to accurately judge speed and distance is more fully formed about age 10.

2. Teach your child the rules of walking and bicycling safety as you encounter traffic situations. Quiz your children on the rules when you encounter various traffic situations. Make a game out of it.

3. Give your child practice in traffic. Frequent supervised experience can help children develop good traffic safety habits.

4. Always model appropriate traffic safety practices yourself, whether you are walking, bicycling or driving. Children learn from important people around them.

5.  Be a careful driver. Watch for children who may not yet have developed good traffic safety habits. Their safety is in your hands.