Expo Spotlight: Renovo Bicycles

We’ve got an exciting line-up for this year’s Seattle Bicycle Expo, March 1 and 2. From thrilling bicycle acrobats to DIY-crafts to inspiring presenters, Expo has it all. Of course, it wouldn't be an expo without exhibitors. More than 200 exhibitors will set up booths at Smith Cove Cruise Terminal to show off new bikes, accessories, fitness plans, and travel opportunities at the 2014 Seattle Bike Expo. Leading up to the Seattle Bike Expo, we will highlight some of these vendors here on the blog. 

Renovo Bicycles 

Think of a high-end bicycle frame. No, seriously—close your eyes and imagine. Sleek, huh? But what’s it made of? Carbon fiber? Chromoly? How about wood?  Turns out, the future of bikes might be in one of the oldest building materials.

Portland-based builder Renovo Bicycles isn’t just creating stiff, durable bicycles—they’re creating works of art. No, literally! These bikes were on display at the Portland Art Museum.

“Even now, after so many frames, we still get captivated by the latest beauty that has gradually, but finally emerged from the pile of rough lumber we started with,” Renovo says. ”We’re all a little mystified that we can actually make such an amazing, beautiful thing.” 

Built from Appalachian and tropical woods, each Renovo frame is custom built for a rider’s measurements to ensure unparalleled fit and performance.

Even if you’re not in the market for a high-end hardwood bike, Expo is about checking out the latest creativity and craftsmanship in the bicycle world. Be sure to stop by booth #402 to see Renovo’s gorgeous creations up close.