Bicycle traffic laws

Washington state bicycle laws

Cyclists have all the rights and responsibilities of vehicle drivers. RCW 46.61.755

Lane positions

Ride as far to the right as is SAFE, except when preparing to turn or when passing another vehicle. Note, this does not mean you must hug the right side of the road, as it may be unsafe due to debris, grates, car doors and other hazards.

Ride no more than two abreast, and only when safe to do so. Occupy the center of a lane when the lane is too narrow to share or when it would be unsafe to ride to the right. 

Cyclists may ride on a path, lane, shoulder, or travel lane. RCW 46.61.770


Helmets are required by law in King County and many other jurisdictions.  King County Board of Health Title 9


Use a white front light (visible for 500 feet) and a red rear reflector at night. A red rear light may be used in addition to the rear reflector. RCW 46.61.780


Use hand signals (and look) before turning. RCW 46.61.758


Always yield to pedestrians. RCW 46.61.261