Benefits of joining CTS

What does CTS offer?

You will be trained in group and safe riding skills that are essential for all cyclists, and of particular value in large events. You will get to know riders at your pace level and can make plans to ride events with them.

A comprehensive training program that will give you suggestions for cross training, strength building and additional cycling workouts is included in your CTS registration.

Classes specific to CTS riders are included (Fix a Flat) and will be held prior to the ride series. There will be several CTS seminars, which will include information on nutrition and riding techniques. Additionally, CTS riders will receive a unique Road ID® wristband, valued at $19.95, with your name and emergency contact information. 

You will receive a CTS only web link with all the details about the series, including maps, cue sheets and the master schedule. All of these benefits will make you that much more confident and prepared on event day.

You will also have the opportunity to purchase the specially designed CTS participant jersey shown below.