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Board positions:

President Charles Ruthford email Charles
Vice President Bill Montero email Bill
Treasurer Alexa Volwiler email Alexa
Secretary Sandi Navarro email Sandi
Director at large Catherine Hennings email Catherine
Director Marie Dymkoski email Marie
Director Haley Keller email Haley
Director Rayburn Lewis email Rayburn
Director Doug Pfeffer email Doug
Director John Pope email John
Director Jim Stanton email Jim
Director Tamara Schmautz email Tamara
Director Ed Yoshida email Ed

Meet the board


Wheels: A hand-built Erickson with lightning bolt lugs that is truly a work of art, found second-hand on Craig's list, and Catherine’s ride for speed and fun. A trusty Specialized with upright handlebars and full fenders for about town and the daily commute.

Rides: Catherine’s daily commute takes her from NE Seattle to South Lake Union via Eastlake or over the north end of Capitol Hill. She tries to get in at least one long ride every weekend, either an organized ride or a casual date with friends. Her favorite Cascade ride so far has been RSVP. This summer, she and her husband have a goal of riding the entire length of the first US Bicycle Route (USBR 10) in the state of Washington, which is on track to be finalized and certified in 2014.   

About:  As a Cascade Bicycle Club member, volunteer, and community advocate, Catherine is passionate about making our community a safe, fun place for bicycling. Five years ago, she started commuting to work by bike with the help of a Cascade program to encourage individuals to become regular bicycle commuters. Now she uses her bicycle as a primary form of transportation, whether biking to work, running errands by bike, or biking for fun and exercise. She and her husband even have a bike trailer that they call their “San Juan-mobile” for weekend trips to the islands on bikes. 

The tragic death of one of Catherine’s PATH coworkers as he was bicycling home from work in South Lake Union that was a real call-to-action to get more involved in advocating for bicycle safety.  Catherine participated in the first Advocacy Leadership Institute offered by Cascade and has been instrumental in bringing together a group of large employers in South Lake Union to advocate for programs and infrastructure that will increase safety for bicycling. She is currently working with Seattle Greenways to form the Lake Union Greenways group.     

Despite the fact that the Puget Sound region still has a long way to go to make bicycling easy and safe, Catherine loves that every day she shares the road with more cyclists. She believes there is a tremendous opportunity now to increase public support for bicycling and is excited to work with Cascade to help fulfill its vision of creating a community where everyone bicycles.  

Alexa Volwiler, Treasurer

Wheels: Alexa has two bikes–a Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL4 and a Lynskey Titanium Sportive Disc. The Tarmac is reserved for fast summer rides while her Lynskey is a great all-around bike.

Favorite rides: Alexa does a lot of recreational riding as well as commuting. She's very active in Cascade’s Free Group Rides program as a Ride Leader, Rides Committee member and tour leader. Alexa says she participates in one-two tours a year and many of Cascade’s event rides (all her vacation days are spent bicycling). A couple of her favorite ride destinations are Walla Walla and the Cascades. She enjoys meeting new riders and bicycle enthusiasts.

About Alexa: Alexa grew up on the Sammamish Plateau when it was still rural. She’s also lived in Sammamish, Bellevue, Mercer Island and finally settled in Redmond with her husband Wilfried Mack (also a Cascade Ride Leader).

Alexa’s professional background is in accounting. She is currently the Director of Corporate Accounting for a reputable local commercial real estate company – Unico Properties. Alexa says most of her life is spent either working or on the bike. She also has horses, cats and chickens at home which keep her busy. She loves the outdoors and will do anything to ride her bike or horse whenever possible. Alexa and her husband tour and lead rides together. She says they both enjoy the experience of seeing the world by bike.

Vision: Alexa’s vision aligns with Cascade’s–to get more people on bikes riding for pleasure, transportation and enjoyment. Bicycling is sustainable and has an enormous social and psychological benefit. In her tenure, Alexa hopes to get many more people engaged in bicycling and to support Cascade in its mission. She hopes to one day see much more bicycle infrastructure connectivity and people out riding for fun because they feel safe doing so.



Wheels: Specialized Amira Expert race bike and Felt track bike

Rides: Sandi rides all of the major Cascade and other prominent regional rides. Through her involvement in the Rides Program, she has explored much of our local region by bike. She also races for Team Group Health, which has taken her around the state – even as far as California. Sandi found her passion in bicycle tourism after a recent bike trip across Italy and discovered that biking was a great way to learn about the culture and history of other countries.

About Sandi: Sandi is a nutritional biochemist in cancer prevention at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the University of Washington. She has a personal interest in the contribution of physical activity to reducing the risk of chronic disease, and wants to help make bicycling accessible to everyone in order to create a healthier, happier society.

Previously a runner, Sandi began cycling about four years ago after developing a foot injury. New to cycling and apprehensive about riding alone, she began joining Cascade Free Group Rides. The warmth and encouragement of the Cascade community was overwhelming. Wanting to give back to the cycling community, she has become deeply involved in the Clubs’ activities.

Sandi has a vested interest in improving Cascade’s Rides Program, and extending our reach. She brings to the Cascade Board her background in research, critical analysis and promotion of physical activity, and hopes to leverage her community engagement to make Washington state a better place to bike.

Haley Keller, Director

Wheels: Haley is usually seen riding her commuter bike she spray-painted blue with yellow rims, yellow handlebar tape, matching blue & yellow panniers, and a yellow helmet. For longer rides, triathlons, and cyclocross races, she rides her beloved white GT Grade bicycle.

Favorite Rides: Haley mainly rides as a form of commuting to work and around town. Haley has also enjoyed participating in event rides including the Tour de Kitsap Century, STP, Chilly Hilly and 7 Hills of Kirkland. She looks forward to spending more time this year competing in triathlons and cyclocross races. Haley is also racking up quite a bucket list of future rides, including the Black Hills Centennial Trail in South Dakota.

About Haley: Haley grew up on the Eastside graduating from Lake Washington HS in Kirkland. She received her BS in Mathematics and Master in Teaching from Seattle University. After graduating, she spent the next three years teaching high school math at her Alma Mater. Haley then co-founded and is now co-owner of Peddler Brewing Company in Ballard which opened its doors in 2013. Her work there focuses on accounting and finances, customer service, and front-end operations. Working toward safer streets and a more welcoming community for cyclists is not only important to Haley, it is also part of the mission of Peddler Brewing Company. Specifically, she is a leader in the Connect Ballard neighborhood advocacy team and continually seeks ways for Peddler Brewing Company to support the bicycle community. Haley is pleased to be spending most of her work and "free" time focused on her three favorite hobbies: bikes, beer and math.

Haley looks to the day when the only barrier to bicycling in Seattle is the rain, and even that can be overcome with better gear.


Marie Dymkoski, DIRECTOR

Wheels: Trek Lexa SLX endurance race bike and a Kona Dew Deluxe Hybrid

Favorite Ride: Living in rural Whitman County, Marie has at least one of her bikes with her often and loves to jump on it whenever it's convenient. The Chipman Trail linking Pullman to Moscow, Idaho is a great warm up or tension relieving 15-mile round trip and one she tries to do several times a week during the bicycling season. She rode her first STP in 2013 and hopes to participate again in 2016. Marie's favorite rides occur in the morning or early evening when the wildlife, especially birds, are out in force. She rarely travels without her binoculars and enjoys stopping often to observe nature. The Trail of the Coeur d'Alene's is a favorite ride for many species of birds, deer, moose and the occasional bear.

About Marie: Marie is the Executive Director of the Pullman Chamber of Commerce and the sole director from the east side of the state. Marie was on the WA Bikes board for two years and hopes to help the transition of the newly merged Cascade Bicycle Club and WA Bikes become a true statewide bicycle club and is looking forward to the opportunity to help in that work. Marie has also been participating on the John Wayne Pioneer Trail (JWPT) Advisory Committee helping provide insight and input to help the Washington State Parks make decisions related to adjacent property owners and recreational use issues and develop management recommendations to address trail related issues. She sees the JWPT as an asset to the whole state and specifically the opportunity to bring economic growth to rural communities of Adams and Whitman Counties. With four children and three grandchildren, Marie is busy trying to keep up with all the activity around her. She is involved in many community organizations and enjoys spending time with family and friends.  

Bill Montero, Vice President

About Bill: These are exciting times to be a member of the Cascade Bicycle Club! From the new Bicycling Center, programs for youth, expanded ride series and support of the Move Seattle levy, Cascade has become a relevant advocate of cycling in the community. As a candidate for the Board of Directors, I would like to participate in executing their vision and strategic plan.

Living in Shoreline and working in Bellevue, I have found that our network of trails and cycling infrastructure still has a long way to go. I’ve participated in local trail subcommittees and the Shoreline planning commission with special emphasis on urban Multimodal Transportation Planning. We live in an area where traditional transportation simply has no room for expansion, yet the population continues to swell. We have an opportunity to make this area a national model by expanding our relationships with the cities and public agencies to promote cycling as not only recreation, but a comfortable and safe method of transportation.

The rabid attitude of car versus bike in our community needs to change. I am excited to add my business experience, communication skills, perspectives and excitement about cycling in the Northwest to the board.


Wheels: My burgundy 1985 Trek 720, a very long frame touring bike I use for randonerranding, commuting and fully loaded touring. My station wagon. A Specialized Roubaix sport touring bike for club rides and supported tours. A Specialized Epic Comp Pro, a great single-track cross-country rig. Also in the fleet: A tall1974 Raleigh DL-1 (28” tires and rod brakes), an old Phillips 5 speed, a 2001 Specialized 5200 and a 1978 Motobecane Mobylette.

About John: Bikes have always been an integral part of my life. Beginning as a Spokane school boy/paper boy, a college commuter from Capitol Hill to UW, a bike mechanic and finally a mechanical engineer all because of that long term fascination with bikes. I enjoyed a 34-year career in engineering management in three west coast cities, finally landing in Anacortes. My public service has been themed around bike-oriented transportation projects starting with regional bike plans and culminating in establishing Washington’s first USBR route, USBR 10. In those years of service I have worked closely with city, county, port and tribal governments and state and federal representatives and staff. I have found the work increasingly rewarding especially when in support of a good idea whose time has come.

My vision for one very tangible win from the combined forces of Cascade and WA Bikes is to boost the whole state cycling infrastructure. Our popular long distance routes could become regionally and nationally recognized. Our commuting corridors would gain from this boost in status and would go beyond linear parkways to become the jewels of our cycling infrastructure. With simple cooperative interaction at many levels of government we can take the state to a new level, fulfilling the dreams of our cyclists be they club riders, commuters or international tourists. This can be a game changer, making Washington think of itself as a well designed network of great riding opportunities. We are blessed with some of the most interesting and choice routes just waiting to be further developed by eager volunteers in cities and counties large and small.


Wheels: Surly Cross-Check, Trek Tandem. He loves that chromoly steel.

Rides: Locally, Charles enjoys riding the backroads and trails of southeast King County on the tandem with his wife or on his single when riding with his sons. Regionally, Charles and his family ride together and volunteer for Ride Around Washington (RAW), STP, Chilly Hilly, RSVP, High Pass Challenge and RAMROD. His most memorable bike trip was the 2009 RAW from La Conner across the North Cascades Highway to Kettle Falls. He serves on the RAW organizing committee as Route Director and Master of Ceremonies.

About Charles: Charles is an avid, skilled and safety-conscious cyclist who sees cycling as a pathway to good health, collaborative interactions with family and neighbors and an improved community. He believes rider safety and the integration of bicycling into communities is first and foremost the responsibility of cyclists. He is an active rider and he serves the needs of riders through education, participation, and advocacy.

Charles has had a diverse career in engineering, manufacturing, sales, information technology, human resources, ethics and compliance, and leadership and organizational development. His undergraduate education is in mathematics and science with a master’s degree in management. He is able to translate and apply his business knowledge and skills in the non-profit environment. He firmly believes that passionate people choosing to collaborate and serve for the common good can make the changes in our society that are beneficial and long-lasting.

His position on the Cascade Board is his first official board assignment. In the past, he has assisted the Special Olympics of Washington and the Friend of the Cedar River Watershed organizations with board development and strategic planning support.

Tamara Schmautz, Director

About Tamara: I am honored to be on the Board of Directors of the Cascade Bicycle Club. After tearing my ACL in 2010, I needed a low impact activity for rehab, started pedaling and found I have a real affinity for cycling. I bought my first road bike in 2011 (and now own three!) and have pedaled thousands of miles in the past five years. I have been on Cascade organized rides including Chilly Hilly, RSVP and Ride Around Washington (RAW) and appreciate the tremendous organization and volunteer spirit within Cascade.

I commute daily from West Seattle to South Lake Union and experience the challenges of what it means to “share the road.” To increase ridership within the community we need to have an environment that is comfortable and safe for everyone, particularly new riders.

I have a special interest in promoting greater diversity within Cascade and the riding community at large. A few years ago I read about the Major Taylor Project, thought it sounded like a great program and started volunteering at Chief Sealth High School. The skills and habits learned by students in ride club are translated to their lives and go much further than cycling. My MTP volunteer experience has been one of the highlights of my association with Cascade and exemplifies the Club’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Jim Stanton, director

Jim Stanton

Wheels: A workhorse 2001 Lemond Zurich with fenders and lots of lights for wet, winter rides. In dry conditions, a Specialized Roubaix – also with lots of lights.

Rides: Commutes to and from Seattle. regular weekend rides, and group rides such as the Group Health STP, RSVP (Seattle to Vancouver), HPC (High Pass Challenge), Fall Colors and RAMROD. He is also a happy member of Gang Green during Bike to Work month.

About Jim: Jim is a long-time entrepreneur focused on developing or fostering the development of early stage companies in Asia and the US. He has served on the boards of private companies as well as several non-profit boards, most recent was Water1st International, where he was also the Treasurer. Jim has been a member of the Cascade Bicycle Club Finance Committee for several years.

Jim’s special interest is safety for the most vulnerable on our roads: cyclists and pedestrians. His experience raising three bicycling sons coupled with witnessing several bicycling accidents have reinforced his interest in making our roads safer. He has actively helped staff road counts, put on Bicycle Rodeos, and participated in safe bicycling educational events at local schools. Six years ago he and a group of fellow concerned cyclists formed “Neighbors in Motion,” a community that advocates for improved facilities and courteous, safe behavior on Mercer Island roads. To this end NIM has organized community meetings on road safety and worked with the City on a range of cycling issues. Jim believes that cyclists benefit by demonstrating the courtesy and safe behaviors we expect from motorists, pedestrians and other cyclists.

Jim’s interest in serious cycling and Cascade was sparked by riding the 1996 STP on mountain bikes along with his 12-year old son. That experience led to joining a regular cycling group (Buty Riders) which in turn opened up a whole new world of cycling adventures in the Pacific Northwest, Europe, and Alaska.


Ed yoshida, director

Wheels: A Kona Dr Dew for commuting and a Davidson titanium for recreational road rides.Ed Yoshida

Rides: Ed bike commutes regularly from his home near Sea-Tac Airport to his office in the South Lake Union area in Seattle. He has ridden most of the Cascade-sponsored rides such as the Chilly Hilly, Flying Wheels, STP, RSVP and the inaugural Red-Bell 100 last year. His favorite ride is any ride that leaves from his house and lets him ride his bike.

About Ed: Ed started riding seriously in the mid-70s after college. He dabbled in racing but didn’t have the lungs, legs or desire to pursue that endeavor. Ed commuted by bike regularly during law school since he had sold his car to be able to afford going to school. His first long ride was a self-supported tour from Astoria to San Francisco in 1982. Then in 1990, Ed and his wife, Marcy, embarked on an around the world bike tour during which they rode about 5,000 miles. Vocationally, he is a lawyer with PATH, a nonprofit organization that works on global health. As a member of the Cascade board, he is very interested in getting more people on bikes, both for recreation and transportation. Ed advocates for a transportation infrastructure that will allow everyone to ride or walk safely throughout the Puget Sound area in order to develop a livable, sustainable, urban environment.

Next Board meeting

Wednesday, March 15, 5-8 p.m. 
Cascade Bicycling Center
7787 62nd Ave. NE Seattle WA 98115

Board meetings are all open to the public.

Board Committees (chair):

Executive (Catherine Hennings)
Compliance (Charles Ruthford)
Development (Bill Montero)
Finance (Alexa Volwiler)
Governance (Bill Montero)